Newcastle College Taster Session

Posted: June 16th, 2015

Y10 Newcastle-under-Lyme College Taster Session

On Tuesday the 16th of June Y10 travelled to Newcastle College to enjoy their second post 16 taster session. The pupils had chosen from a wide range of options including A level subjects, and vocational studies including several subjects that were entirely new to them.

The A level biologists studied wood lice using choice chambers to see what conditions the arthropods preferred to exist in. The social media group set up social media accounts and seemed very much at home in the virtual world. Experience definitely showed. Future hair dressers enjoyed the facilities and hair was washed, conditioned and straightened again several of the pupils had obviously a great deal of experience in this area. Beauticians massaged hands, prepared and enamelled nails and nail extensions. Hopefully they will continue to practice these skills but not on a school day!

The large group of potential artists explored the concept of painting inspired by music. The paper and some of the floor was covered in colours and patterns revealing how the music had moved them. Don’t worry the paint was water based and will wash out or off. Future lawyers and barristers debated the finer points of law and no doubt demonstrated their inate ability to argue the hind legs off a donkey. No animals were harmed during the session. The future engineers programmed lego robots the complete a complex maze run. Minor crashs ensued but the beuty of lego is it is easy to fix and programmes can be rewritten and evolve. The health and social group gained knowledge of the course and the importance of early and late years care. This will prove important and useful in their final year of their current GCSE course.

Psycholgists designed prisons, some took on board the idea of rehabilitation whilst others decided that punishment was the main priority; a powerful discussion of crime and appropriate punishment ensued. It would seem that our students view crime as unacceptable in their society. Good to know! Musicians took advantage of the new outstanding facilities at the college to “lay down some tunes,” that have probably been published via social media. The recording studio is of professional standards and it was an inspiration to meet some of our ex-pupils making the most of the resources available. The sports group experienced a variety of machinery designed to test fittness and flexiblility. They also took part in an aerobic session lead by students of the college showing what they could aspire to in just 18 months time.

As ever the pupils behaved in an exemplary fashion. Please take the opprotunity to discuss your child’s experience with them as they have less than a year left at Sir Thomas Boughey and which course they choose to access at college will be the next step in their future success.