STBA Spitfires

Posted: October 10th, 2017

On Sunday 8th October STBA Spitfires (our very own Greenpower racing team) took part in the Greenpower International final at Rockingham raceway, Corby.

The team entered Reggie – their F24 electric vehicle which they built from scratch in 2017 and named after the legendary inventor of the Spitfire – Reginald Mitchell. The final consisted of two 1.5 hour races each with two mandatory pitstops and driver changes. The winners of the race are those covering the maximum distance in the allotted time.

The STBA Spitfires faced stiff competition from 64 other teams who had gathered from all over the UK, Europe and even South America.

In race 1, the team came in at a very respectable 12th position. Drivers were Tayela Jarvis-Dale, Chloe Myatt and Sarah Moore covering nearly 36 miles with an average lap time of just over 3 minutes.

Race 2 proved to be quite eventful. Rob Breslin from Year 11 took Reggie to the grid and completed his laps in good time but on pitting, sharp eyed team pit crewman and camera operator Ben Underwood spotted Reggie had a puncture!

In double quick time, the team helped Rob out of Reggie and lifted the car over the pit wall. The team then quickly changed an inner tube and Luke Vernon was back out on the track within a couple of minutes but by then, Reggie was well down in the field at 46th position. With skilful driving from Luke and a final driver change for team newcomer Bethany Faulkner, the team brought Reggie to the chequered flag in 20th place.

We were delighted to be joined by a number of parents who came along the final to cheer the team, on. We were also joined by Matt Twigg, our STEM Ambassador from Renishaw, who helped with essential bacon butties and team mentoring, and by our new Chair of Governors, Jenny Conlon. Special thanks go to Mrs Myatt for providing hot drinks and last but not least Mr Underwood of Target Windows for transporting Reggie and all of our equipment to and from Rockingham.

Looking forward to next year’s season, we hope to develop Reggie’s aerodynamics, and gearing to improve performance and the team will be putting plenty of pit stop – practice in. We also aim to build a kit-car so we can enter the kit car race category. Both cars are to be sponsored by Newcastle Under Lyme College and we will be entering the KMF Young Engineer competition.

Pupils who attended the Rockingham event were: James Endall, Jack Till, Leighton Pugh, Siowan Gault, Bethany Faulkner, Hannah Farnell, Chloe Myatt, Sarah Moore, Lauren Johnston, Morgan Zoroch, Luke Vernon, Dan Barlow, Ben Underwood, Tayela Jarvis-Dale, Rob Breslin and Adam Benton.