The Drama Department

Key Stage 3 overview

Drama is taught alongside English in KS3.

Key Stage 4 overview

Drama is an exciting, creative and challenging course which allows pupils to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of performance skills. Drama students will be expected to devise, perform and evaluate their own drama production.

In preparation for the written and performance exams, students will study a set play and develop learning through watching Live Theatre productions, both within school and attending theatre trips.

Qualification assessment overview

  • Component 1 – Understanding Drama – 40% of course – written exam
  • Component 2 – Devising Drama – 40%of course – externally moderated coursework and performance (30% written, 10% performance)
  • Component 3 – Texts in Practice – 20% of course – externally examined performance

40% of internal moderated assessment and 60% of external assessment.

When do internal assessments take place?

All internal assessments (Devising Drama) needed to be completed by December of the examination year.

When do external assessments take place?

The performance exam (Texts in Practice) takes place in January of the examination year, the written exam (Understanding Drama) is sat in May of the examination year.

Curriculum map

Please CLICK HERE to view the 2018/19 curriculum map for GCSE Drama.

How can parents support their child and Sir Thomas Boughey Academy with GCSE Drama?

  • Go to see as much live theatre performance as possible. The New Vic is a fantastic place to see a variety of shows and plays:
  • Ensure that your child can attend after school rehearsals and workshops. This will be expected during Year 11 prior to examinations.

Teaching staff

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