School Bus Timetable

Revised Timetables

Revised timetables should be available on Traveline (0871 2002233 two weeks before the amendment date or email for a paper copy of a timetable.

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D&G Service Bus 1,1A,1S. The timetable as of August 2020 can be found here.

Operated by D&G Bus Service: Telephone Number 01782 332337 (Longton Office)


Pauls Coaches – Telephone Number:  01782 513666

Bus Timetable (from September 2020)


Porthill Roundabout 07:55
Bradwell Lane Shops 07:56
Milehouse/Buffet Island 08:00
Chesterton London Rd 08:03
Chesterton Dragon Sq 08:06
Cedar Road Co-Op (Shops) 08:09
Red Street Jolly Potter 08:11
Deans Lane 08:14
Plough Bignall End 08:18
Sir Thomas Boughey 08:30


Sir Thomas Boughey 15.20
Plough Bignall End 15:32
Deans Lane 15:36
Red Street Jolly Potter 15:39
Cedar Road Co-Op (Shops) 15:41
Chesterton Dragon Sq 15:44
Chesterton London Rd 15:47
Milehouse/Buffet Island 15:50
Bradwell Lane Shops 15:54
Porthill Roundabout 15:55

Fare currently £1.70 per journey