Library & Archives

We are fortunate in having very good library and archive facilities at the school. All pupils are encouraged to make good use of the facilities.

Opening Hours

  • From 8.00 – 4.30 Mon – Thursday; 4.00 pm Friday
  • Each Break
  • Throughout Lunchtime

What Facilities do We Have?

  • Large well equipped library
  • 30 seat ‘Open Learning Centre’ for personal computer based research. This is equipped with the latest PCs, equipment and high speed internet access.
  • Our own archive section of materials from local and school history as well as Co-operative history. Due to the age of many of the materials many of these are available electronically.
  • Large collection of fiction.
  • Extensive non fiction collection. These are linked into our curriculum to support students with their studies.
  • Large collection books and materials relating to co-operatives and mutuals.

All our collections are managed with a computer based system.

Pupils are issued with a library card which they will need to borrow books or to book computers in the Learning Centre.

Can I donate books to the library?

We are always happy to receive donations. Our library is very well funded but we can never keep pace with demand! Additionally we encourage our young people to use archive material where possible. Our collection of old photographs of the area is extensive but has many gaps. If you have an old image and want to let us have a copy do contact us. We can scan the image and return the original!

What should my child be reading?

Even though we place a very high emphasis on good computer skills we think reading and the enjoyment of books is vital and do all we can to encourage this with our pupils. Our librarian can offer advice or suggest reading lists to match your child’s individual needs. In addition all our pupils at Key Stage 3 have a reading session with their tutor and you may want to discuss this with them.