We are fortunate in having a very good library at the school. All pupils are encouraged to make good use of the facilities.

Opening Hours

  • From 8.00 – 4.00pm Mon – Thursday; 3.30pm Friday
  • Each Break
  • Throughout Lunchtime

What Facilities do We Have?

  • Large well equipped library
  • 30 seat ‘Open Learning Centre’ for personal computer based research.
  • Extensive non fiction collection. These are linked into our curriculum to support students with their studies.

All our collections are managed with a computer based system.

Pupils are issued with a library card which they will need to borrow books or to book computers in the Learning Centre.

Can I donate books to the library?

We are always happy to receive donations, we can never keep pace with demand!

What support is in place to positively encourage my child to read?

We use the Accelerated Reader (AR) Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) to encourage reading at their correct level, looking ahead to making progress. There are various activities that are linked to AR in school as well as HOME CONNECT, where you will be informed of your child’s progress via email after you have signed up.

We also offer small reading groups for all with a voracious appetite for books!

Books @ Boughey

‘NEW IN’ we now have a review page called Books @ Boughey. Books can be nominated, reviews written and favourite authors listed, they can even write a Blog, called Books @ Boughey. Just click here to find out more…