Thank you for choosing Sir Thomas Boughey Academy

Thank you for choosing Sir Thomas Boughey Academy. We look forward to welcoming you into our Academy in September 2021. If you have any queries before them please don’t hesitate to get in touch using

Please find attached a ‘Tell us about yourself’ document for your child/children to complete. This is to allow us here at Sir Thomas Boughey Academy to get to know your child/children a little better before we welcome them in September. 

Also please find attached a letter for parents/carers about the transition day taking place on the 9th of August.

Please also find attached our Information Pack for New Starters 2021-26. Parents/Guardians are required to fill out these forms:

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Year 6 Response

Since the last inspection of Sir Thomas Boughey Academy back in February 2017, there have been a number of changes that have led to significant improvement across the academy. Since joining the United Endeavour Trust, the academy has been involved in annual academy reviews that have followed a similar schedule as an Ofsted inspection.

The Quality of Education: Engagement in lessons has improved, and a wider range of teaching and learning styles are now being employed. Best practice was seen in Maths, Science, art and Music. Oracy and independent learning approaches have been strongly developed in a number of subject areas, with a real focus on the quality of communication. The pace of lessons has improved since the 2017 inspection and assessment is much more developed, which has enabled students to understand their subject specific strengths and next steps. The introduction of Quality First Teaching Principles in September 2020 has provided greater clarity and direction for staff and students, which we expect to see driving further improvement in teaching and learning.

Behaviour and Attitudes: The House Leaders provide a positive support and addition to the pastoral structure. There is a high level of respect between students and staff and the Behaviour Policy is applied consistently across the academy. Any incidents of poor behaviour are dealt with promptly.  In the most recent parent questionnaire, which was completed in February 2020, 97% of parents agreed with the statement ‘the school makes sure their pupils are well behaved’. We take the welfare of students extremely seriously and in the most recent parent questionnaire (February 2020), in response to the statement, ‘The school deals effectively with bullying’, 100% of parents agreed.

Leadership and Management: Since September, the Senior Leadership Team has been strengthened further and each member of the team has a clearly defined strategic role that is closely linked to the Academy Improvement Plan. Middle leadership has also been refocused and their priorities are driving improvements in curriculum, assessment and overall teaching and learning.  A clear and well communicated Improvement Plan is in place to ensure that the improvements continue and that areas of development are addressed in order to provide a strong Quality First Education for all students. In the latest Leadership Review, completed in July 2020, in response to the statements, ‘I am proud to be a member of staff at this academy’ and ‘This academy is well led and managed’, 100% of staff agreed, which helps to demonstrate the progress made in the area of Leadership & Management since the last inspection.

Ofsted inspections are scheduled by Ofsted and as an academy we do not have any control over the timing of the inspection. The current inspection schedule has been suspended until January 2021, but it is the feeling within the community that the Ofsted report of 2017 does not reflect the current position of Sir Thomas Boughey Academy.


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The academy will release further updates over the next few weeks.