Peer Mentors Blog Entry – 2nd July 2012

Posted: July 2nd, 2012

Peer Mentors Year 6 top tips, July 2012.

  • Always ask when you need help.
  • Prepare for school the night before.
  • Teachers are very approachable – don’t be afraid to ask them for help.
  • Don’t be worried about making new friends.
  • Don’t be afraid of who you are!
  • Try your best with your homework and then you won’t be told off.
  • Behave appropriately in lessons.
  • Try and do your homework the day it is set.
  • Try your best in all your work.
  • Follow the school rules.

Today Year 8 Peer Mentors have celebrated their achievements from over the last year. They have received certificates from the mayor and enjoyed a buffet, mixing with Peer Mentors from 8 other Staffordshire schools.

Year 7 Peer Mentors training has begun this week. We were selected to be Peer Mentors, first by our tutor then by Mr Warriner (our Head of Year). We are very privileged to assume this role and know that a lot of responsibility is required to keep and do well in this role. To be chosen we had to have good attendance and attitude towards school, in addition to the skills and qualities required.

On our training day, we learned how to co-operate with other people. Also we played Jenga as a group to learn how to be patient and work as a team. We discussed what skills and qualities we needed for the role of a Peer Mentor and how they would help us with the mentees. We played a game that helped us co-operate and communicate with each other which involved verbal communication when describing a picture. It was really fun! We had group discussions about handling mentee’s problems. We also learnt how to work in a group and we changed our groups for each task so by the end of the day we had worked in different groups. We built up our confidence by playing the Jenga game. The day ended with the planning of the year 6 taster day on Wednesday.