Peer Mentors Blog Entry – 13th December 2012

Posted: December 13th, 2012

On Monday 17th December 2012 it will be Activity Day in school. There is a school disco for the years 7 and 8. Year 9 are going to be going ice-skating and the year 10s are going bowling. We can wear our own clothes and the money will go towards buying equipment for the school we are helping in Tanzania.

This week we also began the Salvation Army Toy Appeal. Each tutor group will be donating toys for the Salvation Army Toy Appeal. The toys are distributed in the local area to families who have fallen on hard times.

At St James church in Audley we have decorated a Christmas tree in the Christmas Tree festival. Pupils from Richard Heathcote helped us to make decorations and the theme was our Co-operative Learning Trust and what it meant to us. We left labels by the tree for members of the community to add their own thoughts to the tree.

It is also the year 7 Christmas concert soon. If you would like to come along and watch it, ring the school office for more information.