Jesus Christ Superstar

Posted: February 7th, 2013

S.T.B Production 2013

Well, the fun is over. Months of preparation and countless hours of rehearsal all bubbled down to the 29th, 30th and 31st of January. The nerves backstage on the first night were phenomenal, but all the cast were set on doing was performing their heart out! With a combined effort from everyone, we were ready! Last minute mic checks and costume changes and the performance was underway!

With funky chorus songs to powerful solos, the cast were fantastic and the crew made sure everything ran smoothly. Even the teachers running it were nervous. The audience built from the first night to needing extra rows on the final night, thanks to the hype generated from the first two nights. Some people even watched it more than once! Every single member of the cast got involved in their parts to the best they could and created a show that blew the audience away. With Jesus Christ Superstar not being the most popular production, the pressure was on the cast to make sure that everything went to plan. As said by many of the teachers and the viewers the cast was brilliant. They had told us that the main cast had been picked to perfection and that we had made all the right decisions and directions.

With Michael Hand working so hard and putting so much effort into the character of Jesus, Emily Jones using her beautiful voice to portray the character of Mary, Adam Calaz injecting a flare of power and wit as roguish, misunderstood character, Judas Iscariot, Nicky Palmer using her amazing acting and singing skills into her wonderful performance as Mary’s Girl, Joshuia Hooper using his experience and knowledge into the passionate character of Peter and Megan Oakes using her wonderful voice and skill into the character of Simon. As well as Rheana Forrester, Cerys Eardley, Amy Mountford and Chelsey Howard adding power and villainy as The Head Priests, Pilate and King Herod. These have all worked very hard to achieve and achieve they have! They should all be very proud of themselves, not just that but so should all of the chorus aswell, as a performance with no chorus is not performance at all. We are all very proud to say that the show was an amazing success.

By Michael Hand (Jesus) and Joshuia Hooper (Peter).