Peer Mentors Blog Entry – 4th October 2013

Posted: October 4th, 2013

On Thursday the 3rd October the Peer Mentors held a session in the conference room with the new year sevens who joined us recently. The overall view was that everyone enjoyed it and it was fun to do. All the year sevens said it was good to do because it got us all involved and it also helped them to get to know the mentors better now than they did before.

We were playing games like wink murder, the weekday game. The leaders were the Peer Mentors, Ms Deakin and Miss Wainwright. Every week we will play lots of different games and talk to the year sevens about what games they want to play but apart from the fun and laughter we have to be serious about our role and we are on hand to help if any year sevens have any trouble or concerns during their year seven career. These sessions for them are every week leading up to half term.

This week we also had Harvest Festival in school. The School Council presented a whole school assembly. It was very interesting. The harvest gifts are distributed in the local community. Thank you for all your donations.

Many thanks from the Peer Mentors.