Peer Mentors Blog Entry – 29th November 2013

Posted: November 29th, 2013

It has been another busy time for the Peer Mentors in school. The year 8 and 9 Peer Mentors have continued to assist with the primary pupils coming up each Friday. Thanks to the Peer Mentors, the primary pupils are directed and accompanied through school with the minimum amount of fuss. On Tuesday we also helped with the refreshments at the School’s Co-operative Trust AGM. It was a lovely evening and so nice to see some of the primary pupils we help each Friday play their instruments. They are so talented.

In our year 7 mentoring session this week we looked at problem solving. In groups we had to build a helter skelter like model which was tested at the end with a marble. It was great fun and the winning team’s model worked the best! We thought that the task helped us to work together as a team, It was creative, encouraged us to co-operate and also communicate.