Peer Mentors Blog Entry – 16th January 2014

Posted: January 16th, 2014

It’s 2014 and the peer mentors have been thinking of many new ideas to help the school. We have been thinking mostly about the year 7s. One of our ideas is to tell the younger pupils about the Peer Mentors and the role we do and also to encourage them to get more involved in school life, joining lunch time and after school clubs.

We were thinking of even making our own club for the year 7s if needed. There are many clubs throughout the school but it seems that maybe some year 7 pupils do not entirely know what is on.

We also were thinking of working with the prefects with the litter picking on the yards. This will help the year 7s recognise who we are and also to encourage all to take more pride in their own school environment.

We are also busy this term helping out at the many events in the evenings . One is the school production in February; why don’t you come along to watch?