MFL Visit to Boulogne

Posted: May 30th, 2014


Bonjour! During the half term break in May, Mr Rigby, Mrs Zobolas, Miss Locke, Mr Wood and Miss Burns accompanied 41 pupils from Year 7, 8 and 10 on an adventure to the quaint town of Boulogne-sur-Mer on the northern coast of France. After a midnight departure and overnight travel by ferry and coach, the tired travellers arrived at 9am, fresh for a visit to the bustling and lively Boulogne market. Pupils spoke French and purchased all manner of produce from huge loaves of bread to delicious, fresh-roasted chicken! Following the market, the group travelled to a local snail farm where they learnt in detail about ‘the secret life of snails’ and then had the opportunity to not only hold some, but to eat some too! A snail with a hint of cheese and garlic… what could be tastier?

Later, the group visited a small chocolate factory where they were shown how to make a hollow chocolate bunny (not a snail?!) and then were able to taste some of the delicacies themselves. On arrival at ‘Les Mont des Couppes’ youth hostel, pupils were amazed by the old World War Two bunkers still in the grounds before enjoying a typical French evening meal and playing football on the local beach.


Sunday saw even greater adventures. Hot chocolate in a bowl with bread for breakfast, a tour of Boulogne with detailed historical facts about how to escape through the castle walls through a secret hatch, and a delightful little sweetshop full of every sweet imaginable! Lunch consisted of a sandwich – a baguette, of course – followed by an afternoon looking at sharks, penguins, sea lions and all manner of weird and wonderful creatures of the deep in one of the biggest aquariums they’ve ever seen!


After a final evening of beach and quiz fun, the group spent Monday morning visiting an authentic French bakery and eating a warm, freshly-made pain au chocolat, before heading home on the EuroTunnel. An exhausting, but fun-filled and educational visit for all involved! C’était merveilleux!

It was amazing! The best school trip ever! Loved the food and entertainment! – David Benton

It was a great experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it – Nathan Cotterill

It was a hilarious trip! Great food, entertainment! Everybody enjoyed it! – Katy Turner