Sports Day 2014

Posted: June 26th, 2014

On Thursday 26th June, the most exciting event of the school calendar (as far as we PE teachers are concerned) took place: Sports Day.

For the first time in years, the weather was perfect and the day went without a hitch. Staff and pupils alike were finely kitted out and many were proudly sporting their House Badges, which they had purchased, voluntarily, without menaces, from the Princes Trust Group.

All Houses had a full compliment of competitors and were in fine voice as aeveryone assembled on the field to cheer on the athletes.

If an award had been available for the ‘Loudest House’ or the ‘House with the most vocal captains’; then that award would, undoubtedly, have gone to Craig……but, alas, there was not.

The Sports Day Championship was a fiercely contested affair. There were winners on the day from every House colour and it was great to see an atmosphere of excellent sportsmanship, with whomsoever was the last to finish getting a louder and more enthusiastic cheer than the winners in many cases.

I was very proud of all pupils, who demonstrated why Sir Thomas Boughey has such an excellent sporting reputation throughout the County with there exemplary attitudes and superb behaviour throughout.

Unfortunately though…..there can be only one winning team…..and the results after completion of all sporting events were as follows:

  • In 4th, with 759 points were Wilbraham.
  • 3rd, with only one point more on 760 were Vernon.
  • In 2nd, with 776 points, were Craig.
  • And clear winners in the sporting events and Sports Day Champions 2014 were Heathcote House with a massive, 834 points.

Congratulations to all who took part, as it really was a fantastic day.

Mrs H Goodwin: Head of Physical Education