Primary Netball Festival

Posted: November 17th, 2014

Primary Netball Festival Years 3 & 4


On Friday 14th November, STB organised a Primary Netball festival for 6 primary schools. This was the culmination of training sessions held at each primary school by the STB Young Netball Leaders from Years 10 and 11. Pupils learnt how to pass, receive, dodge and play as a team attacking to a line. 2 teams of 4 players from the primary schools were invited to play in the festival. After a warm up led by the leaders, the festival got under way with 3 separate leagues.

  • League 1 – Wood Lane Reds, Ravensmead Blues, St Chads Greens, Crackley Bank Yellows. Ravensmead Blues were the undefeated winners with 9 points.
  • League 2 – Wood Lane Blues, Richard Heathcote Oranges, Bursley Reds and Crackley Bank Greens. Bursley Reds were winners on goal difference, with Wood Lane Blues finishing on the same 7 points.
  • League 3 – St Chads Blues, Ravensmead Reds, Richard Heathcote Greens, Bursley Oranges. Bursley Oranges were the undefeated winners with 9 points.

After the festival, there was time for a shooting competition, Wood Lane were victorious with 26 points and they each won a Team GB prize.

12 pupils (1 from each team) were awarded player of their team and choose a cap, water bottle, wristband or ball as a prize. These pupils were chosen by the leaders due to their enthusiasm and effort throughout the morning.

Mrs O’Neill would like to thank the leaders for all their hard work leading up to the festival and on the actual day.

Well done to:
Katie Glover, Jade Thornhill, Abbie Rathbone, Maria Richardson, Grace Machin, Abbi Roberts, Lauren Cotterill, Beth Chadwick, Tilly Jones, , Abigail Harris, Rebecca Fearns, Megan Rushton.