Food visit to Manchester

Posted: January 13th, 2015

In December, the GCSE Catering students in Year 11 visited Manchester as part of their course.

Students took part in sushi school at Yo Sushi, visited the aBode hotel and met with the two head chefs for a Q&A session to help them with preparing their Controlled Assessment dishes. We visited an international buffet restaurant in the Printworks, Peachykeens, where we were able to try a wide range of foods from different countries.

The restaurant had kindly opened all stations so we watched Tepanyaki, naan breads being made in a special oven and a special noodle station where you selected your own ingredients and the chef cooked them for you, in front of you with your choice of sauces. Students visited a number of restaurants to investigate menus, use of ingredients and cultural influences on decor.

It was a truly enjoyable day and students learnt a great deal which will help them with their coursework. Whilst apprehensive about sushi making, all of the students Enjoyed the experience and learnt about the different ingredients and art of sushi making.

– Miss Daragheh