Nathan’s Cookery Prize

Posted: June 4th, 2015

When Nathan Williams, in 8ND, won the Formby Festival Cooking Competition last July, we never expected his prize to be so grand! In the Easter holidays, Nathan and his mum went to Carlton Towers Cookery School in Yorkshire to stay, with an evening meal, and a day’s cookery school experience the following day. Organised by James Holden, from the Academy of culinary Arts, we would like to thank him for what was no doubt a fantastic life experience for Nathan and Mrs Williams too!

Nathan tells us all about it: ‘We stayed in a stately home that was century’s old, dating back to the 1600’s. The place was covered with many ancestral portraits and had an eerie atmosphere at night due to the emptiness. I really enjoyed the meal at night. The chefs on the cookery course thought I was 15 and not 13; the guide had said I would be cooking with people of my own age which came as a shock when I met them in person as they were all older. At the cookery school, I made focaccia bread, sea bass served with a cous-cous side and a chocolate & Frangipane Tart dessert. I really enjoyed the cooking experience. It was a fantastic prize and I am so glad I entered the competition last year.’

Miss Daragheh

Head of Food & Catering