Sports Day 2015

Posted: June 25th, 2015

Clearly the PE department got their ‘Sun Dance’ right this year, as the weather could not have been better. For once, all of the pre-sports day events had gone without a hitch and the teams were set to battle it out for the trophy.

Pupils and staff were in fine voice and we even had drums to add to the already electric atmosphere. It was great to see everybody working together and supporting each other.

The PE staff would like to thank everybody for their help in ensuring the day ran smoothly.

The scores for each year group were as follows:

Heathcote 223 Vernon 186 Heathcote 241 Vernon 178
Vernon 159 Craig 186 Vernon 175 Heathcote 174
Craig 152 Heathcote 167 Wilbraham 172 Wilbraham 170
Wilbraham 139 Wilbraham 154 Craig 163 Craig 162

Therefore, the overall results were:

Champions Runners Up Third Fourth
Heathcote with 805 points Vernon with 698 points Craig with 663 points Wilbraham with 635 points

Heathcote therefore have a big lead going into the Final House Championship…let’s see if they can hold on to it when all of the merits for academic achievement are added.