Pirates of the Caribbean: Year 8 End-of-Year ICT Recap

Posted: July 17th, 2015

Year 8 were given a lesson which they will never forget. They were tested on their memories and skills on all the ICT topics they have learned to date. Pupils were asked questions on spreadsheets, Python programming, Publisher and web design.

Pupils were split into two teams: ‘Sparrow & the Spartans’ and ‘Blackbeard & the Barbarians’.

Pupils were rewarded with gold and treasure if they got answers correct. However, pupils had to endure some ‘Pirate Trials’ along their way.

Trials included ‘Drink to Thine Hearties’, ‘Cannibal Island’, ‘Caribbean Cocktail’, ‘Walk the Plank’, ‘What’s in the Box?’, ‘The Snake Pit’, ‘The Pirate Jig’ and ‘Target Practice’.
Fun was had by all and three Year 11 pupils returned to school to be involved and help out. Thanks to Billie Birkin, Megan Clarke and James Baddeley for their assistance in scoring and giving out the treasure.