Year 8 vs Staff: Charity Football Match

Posted: September 9th, 2015

Year 8




Connour Ashley (1),
Harry Brownsword (2)
Mr Barber,
Miss Daragheh

Year 8 Squad: Archie Doorbar, Nathan Cotterill, Eddie Smith, Harry Brownsword, Scott Harrison, Summer Chamberlain, Sophie Gilbert, Owen Hargreaves, Connour Ashley, Mitchell Martin, Ben Rogers, Cole Mohindra, Tom Litchfield, Kian Cooper.

Staff Team: Mr O’Neill, Mr Matthews, Mrs Goodwin, Mr Stevenson, Miss Burns, Mr Wood, Miss Bagguley, Mr Barber, Miss Daragheh.

Referee: Mr Taylor.

As many people know, we are supporting a local family and raising money for Lloyd Humphries, a local boy who is severely disabled and needs a new specialist bath for his ongoing care. His parents need to raise £10,000, so we have been doing various activities to fundraise over the last couple of months.

After a spell of lovely weather, Monday 6th July 2015 presented us with a grey sky and light rain; however it wasn’t going to put us off; staff had accepted the challenge from Year 8 to join them on the football field at lunchtime for a Charity Football match. Unfortunately many staff “failed fitness tests” and were unable to play. On Monday morning, the team list looked sparse after some staff going AWOL; they were fined 2 weeks wages as a penalty!

After team photos, Mr Taylor blew the whistle and the game started with high ambition; both teams out for the win. Year 8 went one up with a goal from Harry Brownsword. Mrs Goodwin stood tall in goal, but Year 8 scored again – this time Connour Ashley, taking it to 2-0.

Just before half time, Mr Stevenson crossed the ball into Mr Barber who headed the ball into the bottom corner of the net. He scored a fantastic goal to take it to 2-1. Mr Matthews and Mr Stevenson were speedy and gave Archie Doorbar a hard time, but he managed to keep the ball from going into the goal.

Second half; the ball was played across the field, chants, songs and support for staff increased. Game on.

A wonder goal by Miss Daragheh one minute from the end, took it to 2-2. With less than a minute to go, both teams looked determined but Year 8 got the ball in the right place at the right time and Harry Brownsword found the back of the net, taking them to victory at 3-2.

Thank you to all supporters and everyone who ensured this game could happen. A brilliant game; well done to Nathan Cotterill for organising the game and to Mr O’Neill for his support. Thanks to Mr Taylor for refereeing and to staff for their efforts and hard work. Well done Year 8, a re-match may have to be arranged in the near future! We raised £55 from spectator tickets and player contributions.