Year 3 And 4 Primary Netball Tournament At STB

Posted: October 13th, 2015

STB hosted a 4-a-side Netball tournament on 13th October with 5 primary schools and 10 teams. This follows a coaching session ran at each primary school with the Year 9 and Year 10 STB Netball leaders. Teams were warmed up by the Netball leaders and then played in 2 separate leagues. Results were:

League 1:

1st St Chads Blues
2nd Wood Lane Reds
3rd Richard Heathcote Yellows
4th Ravensmead Greens
5th Bursley Pinks

League 2:

1st Wood Lane Greens
2nd Bursley Yellows
3rd St Chads Pinks
4th Richard Heathcote Blues
5th Ravensmead Reds

There was also a shooting competition at the end of the tournament with the following results:

1st St Chads
2nd Ravensemead
3rd Wood Lane
4th Bursley
5th Richard Heathcote

Well done to all teams who showed great effort and enthusiasm in every game. Matches were played in a competitive but good spirit.

Thanks to all the leaders: Rachel Glover, Faye Ashley, Loan Nguyen, Emily Greatbach, Rebecca Day, Megan Jones, Bethan Moore, Nicole Turner, Shannon Fahey, Maia Nistoreau.

Mrs O’Neill