George Orwell Prize Workshop

Posted: December 7th, 2015

On Friday 4th December 2015, 13 Year 10 pupils took part in a George Orwell Prize Workshop. They arrived at South Cheshire College at 11am, feeling a little anxious as to what exactly the day would involve. In no time at all they were fully immersed in the day, starting off with a game of consequences, which served as an interesting ice breaker. The entire day focused on broadening the imagination and writing styles – skills pupils will use when producing their own 1000 word article to submit as part of the George Orwell Competition.

Pupils were inspired by Mick Calanan, a teacher and Delivery Directory of Orwell Youth Prize, and Marie Le Conte, a French freelance journalist living in London. Marie has worked for the Daily Telegraph, Daily Mirror, Evening Standard, amongst other exciting roles. Pupils had the opportunity to ask her questions about her rise to success in the field of journalism and understand the style of writing that leads to a successful article and an interested reader.

Not only did pupils leave South Cheshire College with a free George Orwell text and an increased awareness of Orwell’s techniques, but they also left with a sense of achievement and a thirst for more George Orwell Workshops!

We would like to extend our thanks to South Cheshire College for inviting us to take part in their Honours and Raising Aspirations Programme. We look forward to more exciting events on the horizon.