Trip to Boulogne-sur-Mer

Posted: January 11th, 2016

On the French trip, we did lots of fun activities such as going on trips to the snail farm, the aquarium and the chocolate factory (which was amazing – we all got a free taster of their chocolates, they were so good!).

We also went to a bakery and were taught how to make all of the different types of bread; we all got a chance to make some bread as well. Later on at the bakery we were taught how to make croissants. After we had finished making our own croissants we were all given two free ones – a chocolate chip one and a plain one. Everyone was really happy that day!

We also went to a shopping centre and bought clothes, sweets and gifts for our family and friends. There were lots of things to do such as go to the game and jewellery shops. There was a big supermarket there too. After we went to the shopping centre we went back to the hostel and since there was a beach right next to it we were allowed to go and play football and play in the sand – we had a great time!

At the hostel there was lots of things to do as there was a games which had a ping pong table & twister. Mr Kapasi let us use his phone to listen to music whilst doing other things; we all danced and ran around having loads of fun together.

For the meals we went to the dining room and all sat down at the tables and waited for our dinner or breakfast. At breakfast, there were always lots of cereal and lots of bread, jam and butter. The dinners were really nice – we had spaghetti Bolognese and Pizza. For dessert we had chocolate eclairs and everyone had a great time.

Thank you to all of the staff that allowed us to go to France and have a wonderful time!