Year 9 ‘Get Set, Cook’ Event

Posted: February 1st, 2016

Year 9 were involved in a Ready, Steady, Cook type session on Tuesday 27th January. Bruce Toon and his team from Compass Group came into school to run a cook-off event.
A spectacular staging with mirrored panels for easy viewing, the stage was set and the teams were ready to be selected.

Mr O’Neill headed up the Red Team with students Nathan Williams and Connour Ashley supporting him. They had to make a chicken with a spicy tomato sauce and wild rice.
Mrs Locke and students Loan Nguyen & Owen Hargreaves made up the Green Team. They made a Chinese Quorn noodles dish with a spruced-up cucumber salad.

They only had 15 minutes to cook and present their meals. Ben Rodgers started the teams off and set the stopwatch ticking.

Year 9 watched in anticipation as items were chopped, fried, boiled, steamed and finally presented. The Green Team worked in a slightly messy way! But their food was delicious and there were lots of fresh flavours coming through. The noodles were cooked well and the vegetables used complimented the dish perfectly.

The Red Team worked in a methodical way and cooked the dish well. They had a super-clean work surface at the end, noticed by the judges and also had flavours of chilli, ginger and garlic coming through.

At the end we got to vote who we thought was the winning team! The Green Team just edged a win – with probably 51% of the votes!

Things to note: Delicious fresh food can be cooked in as little as 15 minutes – something we need to remember at home. Fresh ingredients really are key; the use of chilli, garlic and ginger really add flavour to a dish. Onions and fresh vegetables add texture, flavour and are those all-important vitamins and minerals we need to be eating each day!

The recipes cooked will soon be available on the school website.