South Cheshire College Taster Session

Posted: March 3rd, 2016

South Cheshire College Visit 2016
On Wednesday the 2nd of March the entire cohort of Y10 left school after an early lunch to experience life after Sir Thomas Boughey; Mrs Griffin and Mr Cumberland had arranged a ‘Raising Aspirations’ afternoon at South Cheshire College. Pupils chose from a wide range of subject areas that they are interested in studying post 16.

We arrived and the pupils were whisked away by South Cheshire staff for the afternoon.

From the students who elected to look at A Level options, four joined a group of current A level students who were working on individual research projects for their controlled assessments. Law and Psychology groups were combined and were using their phones to respond to questions as diverse as “What is the prison population of the UK” to “What is the most common crime in Crewe?”.
Eight potential Maths students accompanied by Mr Qayyum explored new equations.

Future Architects with Mrs Tunstall considered new and improved grand designs. It is worth noting for those of you reading this who have not been to South Cheshire yet the new buildings are awesome and award winning, the design is a simple curve radiating from a small group of protected trees, the design cleverly makes use of all available natural light that contributes to a calm and purposeful environment for work, study and relaxation with a coffee for the franchisee.

Twenty young business people integrated with a group of Y13 pupils already studying the course our students are considering. First-hand knowledge from fellow students following the course was invaluable.

Twenty pupils chose to look at Childcare with ‘Health and Social Care’ – they were taken on a tour of the extensive facilities that have been sponsored by a local company involved in home modification to enable people to live in their homes with dignity for as long as possible. This is an employment growth area that South Cheshire has responded to, and now are recognised as area leaders in training provision for this skill.

Nine future electricians were supported by Mr Barber, nothing was plugged in, no one had a shocking experience, but everyone had an excellent hands on experience of stripping wires, making connections and securing junction boxes.

Seven pupils and Mrs Griffin went to the hair salon for the afternoon where there were blow dries, straightening and more complex things that I have no idea about having had a number four for most of the last 20 years. But the pupils had a great time and came away with great hair and more insight about the course and the career opportunities available.

Mr Taylor’s favourite visit was to the Catering group; they had worked with the Chef to produce 160 brownies, which will go on to be sold on the campus and through local retail outlets. Catering students at South Cheshire have a fantastic set of facilities that seamlessly integrate with the local community, student life and beyond. We can recommend the brownies!

Eight Pupils joined a Y12 ICT group to explore programming.

Five pupils went to Media and took park in a radio broadcast to Crewe.

Fourteen pupils chose Photography and met some Ex-STB pupils who were already on the course and loving every minute. One ex-pupil has decided that the camera is mightier than the sword as he now has decided to be a photographer instead of joining the army!

The point of the afternoon is to raise awareness that all pupils will at some point leave Sir Thomas Boughey – we are an 11-16 school so after GCSEs pupils move on. We are fortunate that we are well supplied with modern, well equipped colleges within easy bus ride. We give Y10 these experiences so they can see what courses are available to them and what qualifications they will need to access the course they aspire to. For some pupils this will help them focus on what they need to achieve in order to get on the course of their dreams leading to the job, trade, university place or career that they aspire to.

If you are a parent of a Y10 pupil please take some time to discuss the experience that they have just enjoyed, ask them where they want to be in less than two years time, what course do they hope to follow, then extend further into the future, what degree?, which University? If they do not aim high then they will not be the next generation of doctors, lawyers, scientists or successful business men and women. Now is the time for those aspirations, as with hard work most things are possible.

– Mr Cumberland