Mrs Thorley Platt Evening 2016

Posted: April 18th, 2016

On Thursday 14th April, STB hosted the 3rd annual memorial event in honour of Mrs Thorley Platt.

The schools senior team of Peter Royale, Evie Holt, Callum Henshall and Pippa Hamnett hosted the evening. Richard Heathcote, Woodlane and Ravensmead primary schools and STB musicians took part.

We had a varied selection of performances ranging from two year 5 pupils dancing the rumba and cha cha to the STB Blues group musicians performing ‘Moaning’. Richard Heathcote demonstrated excellent knowledge of their times tables through a dynamic performance of a rolling numbers poem. Woodlane wowed the audience with their year 3 Ukelele group, who brought back many a fond memory from members of the audience of a certain age group. Ravensmead stunned the parents and families of the pupils involved by acting out a scene from ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ and we almost saw steam rising from the piano keys with Megan Oakes and Bao Lieu’s rousing rendition of Brahms’ Hungarian Dances.

Please see the full programme below.

Programme: Thorley Platt Evening 2016

  • STB Blues Group: Moaning (Bobby Timmons)
  • Richard Heathcote’s Year 4 Pupils: ‘Rolling Numbers’ (Poem), ‘You’re the Swan That I Want’ (song)
  • Ravensmead’s Year 5/6 Pupils: ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’
  • STB’s Ben Pratt (Year 10 GCSE Musician): Trombone Solo – ‘Agnus Dei’ (Grade 5 piece)
  • Woodlane’s Years 3 and 5 pupils: Song – ‘Refuge’ (with piano accompaniment)
  • STB’s Megan Oakes and Bao Lieu (Year 11 GCSE Musicians): Piano Duet – ‘Hungarian Dances’
  • Richard Heathcote’s Year 5 Pupils: ‘Rockin’ All Over The World’ (song) – CD Backing track, ‘Rhythm of Life’ (Poem)
  • Ravensmead’s Dancers: ‘Cha Cha’ and ‘Rumba’ (CD Backing)
  • Woodlane’s Year 5 Ukelele Group: ‘Yellow Submarine’
  • STB’s Ben Rogers: Acoustic Guitar Solo – ‘Yesterday’ (The Beatles)
  • Joint Item: ‘Power in Me’ (song), performed at this years Young Voices 2016 massed choir event in Manchester (Backing Track)