Premier League Kicks Cup

Posted: April 19th, 2016

The Premier League Kicks program was established ten years ago. This is a program where football league clubs arrange sessions to enable young people to play football and other sports in their local communities. There are now 53 clubs that run the Kicks sessions and this year on Thursday 7th April the Kicks Cup was held in Nottingham with all 53 clubs competing.

For the first time the Kicks Cup incorporated dance workshops and a dance competition, this was organised by the U-do-it dance foundation.

Aeris Finney, Caitlin O’Sullivan, Megan Perry and Billy Middleton along with some of their street dance crew, Paradox, represented Stoke City in the dance competition. They competed against other dance groups representing other football clubs including Manchester United and Burnley. Paradox came first in the advance dance category and were also crowned Premier League Kicks Cup dance team overall winners.

They will be dancing at Britannia stadium on 30th April during the Stoke vs Sunderland match.

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