Open Door Day

Posted: April 30th, 2016

On the 29th April we had ‘Open Door Day’ at STBH. Teachers have been encouraged to invite other staff in to their lessons to observe different styles of teaching and learning.

In period 1 we had Mehdi painting with Ms Kay in Art; 8 Purple creating cover versions of songs with Miss Miller in Music; Metalwork with Mr Potts; Pop Art paintings of Marilyn Monroe for 7 Red with Miss Formstone; Fakebook pages to study Macbeth in Miss Carter / Miss Hyland’s English lesson and a Problem Solving Relay for Y10 set 3 in Maths with
Mr Williams.

In period 2 we had 7 Orange drumming with Mrs Trender; WWII related Art with Ms Kay – observed by Mrs Biddulph and Chair of Governors, Mrs Beeston; 8 Green Post Impressionist landscape painting with Miss Formstone and 8H baking pastry tarts with Mrs Tunstall.

In period 3 of Open Door Day we witnessed (and joined in with) 10B tasting food in Health & Social Care with Ms Deakin. How healthy are different foods? How much fat, sugar and how many calories? What about the taste and who are they aimed at?

Meanwhile 9 Orange investigated resistance with Mr Warriner. Does a light bulb obey Ohm’s law?