Visit to Warwick Castle

Posted: May 4th, 2016

An excellent day was had by all, improved by the fortuitous glorious sunshine, though that has taken its toll on Mr Antoney-Wattam’s forehead.

Pupils got to see the magnificent birds of prey (including Steller’s Sea Eagle and a Lammergeier) up close as they flew within a few feet of some heads.
Pupils also got to climb to the top of Guy’s tower for the impressive view of Warwickshire countryside.

Some pupils were able to see the firing of the huge trebuchet siege engines, while others witnessed the skills of a traditional longbowman in action.

Finally, pupils were thrilled and chilled by the staff of the Warwick Castle dungeons, who delivered fantastic performances all round!

Thanks to Mr Antoney-Wattam for organising and all other staff for making sure the day ran smoothly: Mr Barber, Mr Kerr, Mr Potts, Mr Stevenson, Miss Carter, Miss Burns, and Mrs Clarkson.