KMF Young Engineers Competition

Posted: May 16th, 2016

On Thursday 12th May, ten pupils from Year 10 took part in the KMF Young Engineers competition – a mission to launch a payload into the upper atmosphere, take photos and video and conduct a scientific experiment.

The project is being supported by Sent into Space, Newcastle Under Lyme College, Staffordshire University and the RAF, along with a large number of sponsors including our own Rydale Roofing.

Teams from 25 schools in Staffordshire assembled at RAF Cosford where their capsules were judged, and final checks were made of the Raspberry Pie GPS transmitters, cameras, data recorders and scientific experiments. The teams then moved to a launch site in Bridgnorth where they filled their helium balloons and released them.

Our team, accompanied by Julie Mirowski from Rydale Roofing then tracked their balloon in the school minibus as it climbed to over 30,000 metres above the earth, travelling a distance of over 20 kilometres eventually safely landing in an allotment narrowly missing trees and a stream on landing near Ludlow Shropshire. The team were delighted to find their capsule had landed within 2 miles of where they had predicted it to land. Sadly, the teams mascot – a Lego Buzz Lightyear – flew off into infintity and beyond when the balloon burst and parachute deployed.

Following the success of the mission, the team now have to analyse the data to enter competitions such as highest recorded altitude, best photo , and best video. They will also write a report on their scientific experiment which was to analyse the effects of -50 degrees C temperature and higher levels of UV on a bacteria sample that was part of the capsule payload.

Many thanks to Rydale Roofing and Graphics company ElloDave for their support with this project.

There is a link to the video on our Facebook page.