Junior Football Leaders Festival 2016

Posted: June 8th, 2016

football-leaders-festival-inline-photoOne hundred and eighty pupils from 5 primary schools took part in the STB Junior Football festival on Wednesday June 8th – Ravensmead, Richard Heathcote, Springhead, Wood Lane and St Chads.

The Year 10 Junior Football leaders have been coaching in the primary schools over the last few weeks in preparation for the festival. Year 9 pupils also helped with the running of the festival. Two Stoke City coaches also came to help referee the matches.

There were 3 friendly leagues with 7 teams in each and 1 competitive league with 4 teams.

Stoke City League

Joint Winners: Springhead Oranges and St Chads Light Blues

Port Vale League

Winners: St Chads Yellows

Crewe Alex League

Winners: Wood Lane Light Blues

Competitive League

Winners: Richard Heathcote

Ten pupils, 2 from each primary school, also received prizes of shin pads and balls for their excellent sporting effort and behaviour.

Well done to the leaders for running a great competition.

Year 10: Megan Askey, Will Bailey, Chloe Johnson, Freddie Doorbar, Megan Jones, Emma Hancock, Nicole Turner, Olivia Nixon.

Year 9: Brooke Phillips, Charlotte Parry, Rachel Glover, Alex Cope, Archie Doorbar, Eddie Smith, Patrick Gibson, Quinn Kelsall.