STB & Audley LAP Cooking Sessions

Posted: July 12th, 2016

The Food Department hosted two cooking sessions for the Audley LAP group in June / July.

Funded by Newcastle Borough Council, we were asked to plan and deliver cooking sessions to encourage people to recycle and minimise the waste of food, whilst encouraging use of ingredients we find in our store cupboards at home.

In the first week, we cooked Cottage Pie and a Fruit Crumble. We discussed the recycling of packaging and the benefits of buying cheap commodities to adapt into different recipes. Both were economical dishes which could be adapted in different ways. A simple Cottage Pie recipe could be adapted into an Italian Bolognese sauce, a pastry pie filling or into a Mexican chilli with spices. One of our visitors did not eat red meat, so we adapted the recipe with Quorn chicken pieces, added paprika and had a tomato based sauce. Dishes we made could been made in larger batches and frozen, another way of saving money and cooking efficiently.

The Fruit Crumble we made with apples as Rhubarb was just out of season and becoming expensive. Again, this recipe could have been adapted to use a range of different fruits. In school, we actually use tinned fruit (peaches and pineapple) due to our time constraints. We discussed tinned fruit as a store cupboard ingredient that can be used to make a quick dessert as well as meeting the 5 a Day requirements.

Last week, we made a Chicken Pie and a Victoria Sandwich Cake (upon request)!
The Chicken Pie was made with leeks and a simple white sauce. A stock cube added flavour and colour to the sauce. We discussed how alternative ingredients and fillings could be used – for example carrots, peas, leftover spinach, mushrooms, broccoli. Using just a small amount of puff pastry to top the pie, we thought one pack could be bought and split into 4 – we used just ¼ of the pack.

We shouldn’t be seeing any vegetables go to waste in the fridge. I gave the visitors a recipe for a vegetable soup, perfect for leftover vegetables starting to go soft.


  • Buy what you need
  • Use up leftover veg or cook larger portions and freeze one for a later time
  • Buy when in season as it is cheaper and has more flavour!
  • Buy offers in supermarkets – if fresh is too expensive, you can buy frozen or tinned
  • Use Quorn as a substitute for meat – most people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference!

Our photographer joined us as a time of decorating the cake! The main meals we made were in the oven at this time.

A massive thank you to Mrs Morgan and Miss Burns for their help in preparing the sessions and helping to deliver the sessions. We really enjoyed hosting the cooking sessions and we hope everyone who joined us, did too!

– Mrs N D’Avola
Head of Food & Catering