Greenpower Racing

Posted: September 21st, 2016

On Wednesday 21st September, pupils from Sir Thomas Boughey High School took part in a Greenpower electric vehicle race at Aintree, Liverpool.


The recently formed team featuring boys and girls from years 8 to 10 were racing ‘Brian’- a veteran vehicle with over a 100 races and several wins to its name.

On the day, we competed against 31 other teams and we came 10th in the first race, 11th in the second.
Each race lasts 90 minutes and there must be two driver changes in each race. Although pit stops are allowed, batteries cannot be changed during a race so drivers have to balance power consumption with speed.

There are lots of roles for team members from team captain to drivers, mechanics, time keepers,’ pit-board’ and communications. Pupils involved in Greenpower develop a great deal of knowledge and many skills including; how to design, build and repair electric vehicles, aerodynamics, telemetry, electronics and software development, in addition to building their self-confidence and team working skills.

The team are hoping to build a new car later this year and are seeking sponsorship to help fund the build cost.

The team is open to anyone who would like to get involved, including parents and anyone interested should contact a member of staff in the Design and Technology Department.