Awards Evening 2016

Posted: November 21st, 2016

On Thursday the 18th of November we celebrated our annual Awards Evening, when we recognise the achievements of pupils past and present, academic and personal.

This year our Guest of Honour was Mr Stanyard Makepeace of the SM Bespoke Estate Agency. He left Sir Thomas Boughey just 10 years ago and is now a successful local business man.
Mr Makepeace’s speech highlighted some of the simple skills he picked up in life that had helped him to his current situation, the ability to look someone in the eye when speaking to them, being able to shake hands firmly, being able to get on with people and working hard to achieve a goal, because without the drive to achieve you cannot aspire to greatness.

We met again last year’s Y11 pupils who came to collect their certificates, it was fantastic to see such a confident group of mature young adults equipped with not just academic success but the personal qualities required to go far in life. Who knows where they will end up and what they will be doing in 10 years time? However, having seen them last night, equipped with the qualifications and the skills to achieve literally anything they set their minds on, they have bright futures in front of them.

We also recognised the success of pupils still at the school, looking at those pupils who have achieved 100% attendance for a full year, a feat achievable by all but only done by a few. We also recognised the commitment shown by two of last year’s Y11 pupils who managed a full five years attendance, five years without a day off; an amazing show of determination and commitment. We also recognised achievement and and progress made in many different subjects and we celebrate those pupils who have achieved excellence in depth with cross curricular awards.

It was a great evening; everyone as of today is invited to attend next year. Just be brilliant at something, attend 100%, make progress above expectations and you are writing your own ticket to next year’s awards ceremony. As an old Alaskan miner said, “You are all millionaires, you just haven’t dug the gold out of the ground yet.” Get mining and we will see you next year!