Key Stage 5 Evening

Posted: November 27th, 2016

On Thursday the 24th of November we had our annual Key Stage 5 evening. The aim of the evening is to invite as many of the local post 16 providers as possible to come into school so that pupils and parents can, in some cases, start to think about destinations and, in others, check a few facts before making a final choice. It saves a lot of time, bringing the providers together under one roof.

The evening is open to all pupils in Y9,10 and 11, although many Y11 pupils have already made decisions based on the evening when they were in Y10 and have followed up with visits to selected providers in Y11.

This year the providers included Newcastle College, South Cheshire College, PM training, Equality, SOT Sixth Form College, Martec, Stoke College, Reaseheath, Careers Service, National Apprenticeship Service, Arnold Clark, Studio College, Newcastle Town FC/NPL Kidsgrove Athletic, Gill Clewes Academy for Theatre Arts.

We find that the more knowledgable pupils are about their destinations post 16 the more motivated they are to do well. It gives them an ambition and therefore a purpose for study. To access A level courses or equivalent, the minimum of a grade B in the subject is required, or if the subject is new then comparable grades in similar subjects.

This evening is about how pupils can make the best of the skills and qualifications they gain. It is all about changing perception; to stand the best chance at accessing the best course, leading to the best university and finally to a great career, you need the best possible set of grades. So the time to build those firm foundations is now. Pupils who do not pass English Language and Maths at GCSE will continue with these subjects at college until they are passed. As the saying goes, “get it right first time.”

So as caring parents, please take time to discuss aspirations with your children, find out what they want to do with their lives, research what qualifications they will need and the grades they need to access the next stage of their education. They will, in Y10 and 11, have meetings with expert careers advisors. As you know, it is a competitve world and the best chance of achieving the things you want in life is education. As the sign says by the pupil entrance, “the more you learn to the more you earn.” So please help your child consider their options in Y9, their motivation in Y10 and support them to achieve in Y11.