South Cheshire College Taster Session

Posted: March 16th, 2017

On Wednesday 15th March 2017, Y10 along with Mr Cumberland, Mrs Griffin, Mr Kerr, Mr Potts, Miss Formstone, Miss Bibby, Mr O’Neill and Mrs Locke went to South Cheshire College for a taster afternoon.

Pupils had chosen from a wide variety of courses ranging from A levels in Maths, Science, Psychology and the Honours programme for those pupils considering universities in the prestigious Russell Group (Top 24 in the UK).

There were also hands-on skills courses with practical applications, including Bricklaying, Carpentry, Child Care, Motor Vehicle Maintenance, Mechanical Engineering, Hospitality and Catering, Health and Social Care, photography, Performing Arts and Hair and Beauty, Civil Engineering – although not all at the same time. In Maths, Pythagoras was proved to be right. In Science, enzymes were investigated. In Psychology, the human body was used as a model for society (I think arms were the strong arm of the law!). Brickies built pyramids 5 courses high that will not be standing in 5000 years. Carpenters created sturdy mortice and tenon joints from 2 by 1s. Child carers visited the nursery facilities and interacted with suitable aged toys (plastic dinosaurs large enough not to be a choke hazard.)

Future mechanics and engineers took apart engines and Mr Cumberland admired the hybrid Porsche on loan from Bentley. Chefs cooked bread and biscuits. Yes the biscuits were good, just something knocked up in a couple of minutes, but truly excellent (thank you Macaulay.) Photographers created art using dark room chemistry and light trails using toy space guns and light sabres. Performing artists created and performed a dance routine. Civil engineers made strong structures from 10 sheets of newspaper and last but not least the Hair and Beauty team curled, waxed and crimped to create that new look we all crave.

An excellent afternoon was had by all. If you are a Y10 parent please discuss the experience with your child, talk about what they did and what they hope to do in the future. Days like this give pupils inspiration for the future and that helps motivate them to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Many thanks to the staff at South Cheshire for making this happen.

Mr Cumberland.

PS – for those pupils interested in going to South Cheshire College after Sir Thomas Boughey, remember the bus service to the college is now provided free of charge in order to remove the cost barrier of attending.