Year 11 Leaving Date

Posted: May 26th, 2017

Year 11 pupils’ official leaving date and time is 3.30pm on Wednesday 14th June 2017. The full letter is below:

Mr Taylor read out a poem he’d written for them:


This place…


In case you didn’t know, it’s nearly time to leave this place

And you’ll have to go and grow and maybe dry the tears that stain your face

But it shouldn’t be a time for sadness, or madness or badness

But rather gladness in the knowledge of a job well done.


This place is in your bones, you’re in the stones and the ceilings and the walls

And wherever you go, with friend or foe, you can stand tall against the small-minded people who don’t know any better.


This place has been part of you, for the last five years, and it has tasted your hopes

And dreams and fears and tears

But your future is yet to be made and all the while you can say

With a smile that we played and learned and longed and yearned and were hopefully better when we came out than when we went in

And although there were times when you may have sinned, there were also times when uncaught, you grinned with your mates

With eyes as wide as dinner plates, when you ran out of those school gates

Free to fight another day.


This place is part of you, memories of the past, that will last, and not fade

Like the pale warmth of a winter sun but will stand fast in your mind and they will become fun, and treasured when you need them most.


This place will always be a part of you, like a hand in a glove, or a foot in a shoe

And whichever road you take, Heaven or Hell, river or lake, a stream of a dream

Or the slope of a snake

Always remember this, let these words ring out true

You are part of Sir Thomas Boughey, and Sir Thomas Boughey is part of you.

CLICK HERE to read the letter (Pdf).