Enterprise Design a Mug Competition 2017

Posted: July 13th, 2017

On Monday 10th July a team of 3 Year 10 girls attended the final of the Stoke City Design a mug competition at the Bet365 Stadium. The 3 year 10 girls were Tayela Jarvis-Dale, April Eardley-Dunn and Ellie Smyth.

The girls’ design was chosen as 1 of 20 finalists (129 designs that were submitted) and as a result they were invited to the Stadium on Monday.

The girls prepared their gallery display at the stadium, and after the introduction was over it was time for the judges to work their way along the galleries and speak to each of the teams. The girls waited patiently for the judges to arrive, and when it was their turn they spoke with confidence and belief in their design. The judges were very impressed with the design and the time and effort that the girls had put into the research.

Once the judges had seen all the teams they went away to deliberate and the girls were set the task of designing a presentation box for their mug. After deliberation the judges returned to announce the 5 teams that were to go through to the afternoon presentation. They also announced that one team had received a ‘golden ticket’ to automatically go through and have their mugs on sale in the club shop (but this would not be revealed until the end of the day.)

The girls were announced as one of the 5 teams to go through to the afternoon and deliver their presentation. They were then taken to their own suite where they had lunch and practised their presentation.

The girls delivered their presentation to the judges and the room of finalists – they did an excellent job of explaining their design and slogan. They also went into detail about the pricing strategies they would use and the copyright research they had carried out. The judges commented on how impressed they were with the girls’ presentation and for running with a design that thinks ‘outside the box’. It had a clear message that would definitely grab the attention of customers in the store.

After all 5 groups had done their presentation it was time for the judges to deliberate. After a tense 10 minutes the judges came back in and announced the winners. Unfortunately the girls’ design was not chosen to go on sale in the shop but they still made it into the top 5 out of 129 designs.

We are very proud of the way the girls conducted themselves. They delivered their presentation with confidence and conviction and have done themselves and the school proud.