DofE Award Silver School Games Mark

Once the animation has ended, you may reverse it by clicking the name again.

If a name changes colour on mouse-over then the animation is ready to play.

Only one animation runs at a time.

If you are having trouble fitting the trophies onto your screen, try pressing 'CTRL' & '-' together to zoom out.
Be aware that this may affect the smoothness of the animation.

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Oakley Day
Awarded: 14th July 2017
'Hard work and effort in Art.'
Mitchell Windsor
Awarded: 14th July 2017
'Having good morals and standing up for what is right.'
Francesca Broadgate
Awarded: 14th July 2017
'Good overall effort all round.'
Taylor Butler
Awarded: 14th July 2017
'Working really hard in History; great progress over recent weeks.'
Harley Smith
Awarded: 14th July 2017
'Performance in his Y10 Graphics exam.'
Thomas Litchfield
Awarded: 14th July 2017
'Progress in his Product Design coursework.'