Another 5000m Gold Medal

Posted: October 9th, 2017

Pupils in PE recently have been working hard to boost their fitness levels, and on two occasions recently they have surpassed a record set on that glorious Saturday evening in the 2012 Olympics.

The target was to run 5000m and try and beat Mo Farah’s personal best time, set in Monaco in 2011, of 12mins 53. Although both groups narrowly missed out on beating this time, they smashed Mo’s 5000m gold medal time of 13m 41 seconds. Granted, Mo did it all on his own, and these boys were members of a relay team, but our pupils just don’t have the time to train like a professional at the moment!

They Year 9 team set a time of 13mins exactly, and consisted of:
Ben Lockett, Harry Leech, Charlie Finney, Tom Chell, Lloyd Hargreaves & Rhys Parry.

The Year 11s set a time of 13mins 03, and consisted of:
Quinn Kelsall, AJ Stretch, Jordan Wilkes, Macauley Welsh, Ben Rogers & Owen Hargreaves.

Many congratulations to both teams.