Speakers4Schools Virtual Talks

Posted: May 18th, 2020

Speakers4Schools will be offering virtual talks from professionals in a wide range of sectors next week. Whether you’re an aspiring writer, footballer, engineer or environmentalist there is something here for you!
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Mon 18th May 10am
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Aleida Rios, Group Head of Engineering, BP.

Why choose Engineering as a career? John, a graduate who works at BP, interviews BP’s Group Head of Engineering, Aleida Rios on how she got into Engineering and how students can build a career they enjoy.
Mon 18th May 2pm
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Penguin VTalk Featuring: Malcolm Gladwell, journalist, author, and public speaker How to Talk to Strangers
Author of five international bestsellers, Malcolm Gladwell, joins academic and author of Don’t Touch My Hair, Emma Dabiri, to discuss the consequences of mis-communication, how to interview others and the art of storytelling.
Tues 19th May 10am
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Robert Peston, Political Editor, ITV Join Robert Peston, Political Editor, ITV and Founder, Speakers for Schools in his very own Virtual Talk!
Tues 19th May 2pm
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Kathrina Mannion, Director of Environmental Policy, BP Kathrina will discuss her career and current role in Environment and Policy. She will also discuss her motivations and career progressions. Kathrina used to be a Senior Advisor for the government so has a really interesting career story.
Wed 20th May 10am
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Dr. Maria Faraone, Director of the RIBA Studio, Royal Institution of British Architects What does an Architect do? Dr Maria Faraone will explore with students more about the career, what it might entail and how students can pursue the career.
Wed 20th May 2pm
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David Dein, Former Chairman of Arsenal and the Football Association David’s presentation is aimed at 15-18yr olds and features the phenomenal success of the Premier League since its inception. David will also impart inspirational messages about how to be successful.
Thu 21st May 2pm
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Peter Mather, Group Regional Vice President, Europe & Head of Country, UK, BP Carbon emissions need to fall fast to meet the Paris climate goals. At the same time, the global population continues to grow – and demand more energy. By 2040, another 2 billion people are expected to be in the world, while energy demand is projected to rise by around a third, equivalent to adding another new China and EU’s worth of energy demand on top of what’s required today. How can we tackle this dual challenge?
Fri 22nd May 10am
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Tom Dore, Head of Education, British E-Sports Association Tom’s session will talk about the transferable skills that can be gained from playing esports, Tom’s session will aim to demystify the esports sector and let students know about the opportunities that exist.