LLS Q&A sessions with Sports Professionals

Posted: June 5th, 2020

Sports education organisation LLS have kindly sent us links to some of their Q and A sessions with sports professionals – an excellent opportunity for those wanting to go on to work in the sports industry. They have also sent links to their mental health wellbeing videos which may be particularly useful during these strange times:

Elite Speaker Series

Kristian Blacklock – Tyson Fury’s S&C coach – https://youtu.be/zIDy3A3yf5Q

Joe Ure – Opposition analyst Aston Villa FC – https://youtu.be/JdJhDrmEaRs

Kieran Owens – Founder KO8 Fitness – https://youtu.be/RddVuXe59Ok

Robbie Anderson – Team GB and England Rugby Psychologist – https://youtu.be/WP31ty6nM-g

Mental Health Awareness

Opening Up – Positive Mental Health –

Wellness Wednesday – Yoga –