Music Lessons

Posted: June 23rd, 2021

We have spaces in September 2021 for all instrumental lessons in school.

We are very fortunate to have a fantastic talented team of instrumental/vocal tutors teaching our students. We currently offer tuition in Woodwind, Piano, Guitar, Brass, Drums, String and Voice for all abilities tailored to the pupils’ individual needs. Please do not worry to begin with if your child does not own their own instrument, as there are some options to loan instruments and even selected options to trial lessons for a short period if your child is a beginner.

 In recent years, we have had a great number of students learn an instrument or sing, developing their confidence and technical skills. Lessons take place in school time and we aim to rotate lesson times to avoid missing the same curriculum lessons.


Vocal, Piano, Woodwind

20 Minute individual lesson – £10 weekly

30 minute individual lesson – £15 weekly

30 Minute group lesson – £7.50 weekly (not available for vocal)


Guitar/ Bass guitar/ Ukelele 

     15 minute individual lesson – £7.75 weekly

      20 minute group lesson – £6 weekly

      20 minute individual lesson – £10 weekly

      30 minute group lesson – £8 weekly

      30 minute individual lesson – £14.50 weekly


Brass/ String/ Drums

20/30 minutes group lessons (2/3 pupils) – £65 a term (£6.50 weekly)

20 minutes Individual lesson – £127 a term (£12.70 weekly)

30 minutes Individual lesson – £190 a term (£19 weekly)


Mrs Candlin (woodwind)

Jay (Guitar/ bass guitar/ ukelele)

Mrs Critchlow (Piano)

Miss Howell (voice)