National School Breakfast Programme

Posted: May 24th, 2023

As of the week commencing 12th June, we are delighted to announce that we will be offering a FREE Breakfast provision in school for our children.The breakfast is provided by the National School Breakfast Programme, which is a fully inclusive programme. A member of staff will be distributing bagels to students as they enter the school grounds in a morning.

The National School Breakfast Programme is funded by the Department for Education and run by Family Action to support schools in England to provide children with a healthy breakfast at the start of the school day.Family Action is committed to supporting child development, and believe a school breakfast, without barrier or stigma, can set up children to succeed and give them the very best chance to learn.In a normal school year, schools are open just over half the year (taking into account weekends and school holidays). This means even where breakfast is available within school, children are still having breakfast at home almost 50% of the time. Below you will find tips, ideas, information, recipes, videos and quizzes to make breakfast time an easy part of your morning routine at home.