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Transition Videos

Mrs Hingley – Associate Principal Miss Wainwright – Vice Principal C Kelsall – Head Girl J Onions – Head Boy M Barlow – Deputy Head Boy

Useful transition contact details

Contact details PDF   House Leaders Mr Stevenson – Air Mrs Holloway – Earth Mrs Bailey – Fire Miss Jones – Water Meet the tutor team Miss Bibby – Air Miss Miller – Air Mr Knapper – Earth Mrs Goodwin – Fire Miss Sharman – Water Useful contacts Mrs Robbins – Safeguard lead Mr O’Connor […]

Year 6 Transition Project – Be Awesome, Go Big.

Here is a link to a Year 6 Transition Project – Be Awesome, Go Big.   There are resources on there for parents as well as students to help with the move from Primary to Secondary school.  

English and Maths Faculty tasks for this years intake

The English and Maths Faculty are excited to meet your child and start their learning journey at Sir Thomas Boughey Academy. They have created a booklet of activities to help your child make the transition from Primary School smoother in these uncertain times. We would love it if your child could work through this booklet […]

Note to Year 6 parents for this year’s intake

Good Morning, I would like to start by introducing myself, I am one of the four House Leaders at Sir Thomas Boughey Academy, as part of my role I oversea the transition from Primary to Secondary School. This year is a strange year for us all, but especially the year 6’s that will not get […]