Curriculum for Life (Non-GCSE Course)

Curriculum for Life Roadmap

The Curriculum for Life Course allows pupils to develop key life skills. There are five main areas the course focuses on:  

  • Development of confidence through work in the community  

  • Cooking Skills 

  • Around the Home 

  • Group and Teamwork Skills  

  • Personal Improvement 

Pupils will complete community projects, both in and out of school, to understand the importance of working together and how they can contribute positively to society. 

Pupils will also learn how to use everyday skills such as how to use a washing machine, how to iron clothes, how to plan and manage a household budget. 

Pupils will also develop their cooking skills and learn how to make a range of healthy, nutritious dishes on a budget. They will also be required to plan, budget and cook for someone else. 

They will also learn how to use public transport and prepare for interviews, as well as explore the opportunities available to them when they leave school. 

Furthermore, they will have the opportunity to gain recognised certificates in Food Hygiene and Preparation; Lifesaving and First Aid. 

Finally, the activities are underpinned by the AQA Unit Award scheme which allows the student to earn certification (not GCSEs) in recognition of their achievements.  


More information about the AQA Unit Awards can be found here.