Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum is designed to be fully inclusive, ensuring that all our students have the opportunity to reach their full potential through the provision of a broad and balanced curriculum delivered within a caring and supportive environment. The on-going professional development of all staff will ensure sustainability and assist in the creation of a culture of continued improvement where students strive to achieve at the highest level. Our aim is to ensure that all students are supported and challenged from entry in Yr7 to the point they leave the Academy in Year 11 to pursue post 16 qualifications. Our subject content will be interwoven with skills and values, enabling learners to develop into resilient, self-regulating and tolerant adults, who understand and can play a valuable part in society. We will promote a love of learning and thirst for knowledge by ensuring that our subject curricula remain relevant and engaging and subject specialists will draw on links to careers and applications of knowledge wherever possible. Students are provided with a rich Personal Development programme through identified focus and drop down days as well as form time and year group/cohort assemblies. Sir Thomas Boughey Academy values focus on developing the character and culture that will enable our students to thrive and fully contribute to the community throughout their school life and in their future careers

For all of our students we will endeavour to:

  • Prepare for their economic well-being
  • Encourage independent life-long learning
  • Appreciate literature and read widely and often
  • Be numerate and work with money
  • Promote equality, understanding that people have different beliefs and respecting cultural differences
  • Be IT literate in order to excel in modern 21st Century Britain
  • Develop resilience and determination, endeavouring to never give up
  • Respect and protect the environment

Curriculum Implementation

Our lessons are timetable over a 50 period fortnight and include slots for Resilience, Literacy and Personal Development. Assemblies take place regularly to promote the academy values (Inclusion and Respect, Nurture aspiration and ambition, Support and Care, Presentation and Appearance, Independence and Individuality, Resilience and Determination, Equality and Acceptance) and to provide exposure to Personal Development themes. Our options process allows students to select from a broad range of qualifications at KS4. At STBA we pride ourselves on offering a broad range of subjects from the arts, humanities and languages, alongside a core curriculum of English, Maths, Science, RE and PE.

Our curriculum is continuously monitored by our faculty leaders to ensure that the highest standards of delivery and engagement is maintained.

Sir Thomas Boughey offers clear CEIAG support throughout Key Stage 3 & Key Stage 4 to ensure that students are guided onto appropriate qualification pathways for post 16 success.



Key Stage 3 Curriculum




Key Stage 4 Curriculum

Curriculum Roadmaps

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