School Links

We have an established link with a school in the Rombo District, close to Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania. The landscape is dominated by coffee farms, shaded by banana trees. All pupils in Tanzania must pay school fees, but many families struggle to afford this. Lessons are taught in English, but outside of school people speak Swahili or Chagga. The curriculum is very similar to the UK, with core subjects of English, Maths and Science. Pupils also study Geography, History, Civics and Religious Education. The main difference is that there are few opportunities to study practical subjects such as Art, Music, Technology or PE. Class sizes are also much larger, some as big as 80 pupils.

As a department we have developed strong links with the head teacher of the school.

  • 2006: Mrs Biddulph and Mr O’Connor visit Tanzania
  • 2007: Mr Dinya, the schools Head Teacher visits Sir Thomas Boughey
  • 2008: As a result of our school link, Mrs Biddulph spends her summer holiday working as a teacher in Tanzania
  • 2011: Mrs Biddulph was asked to lead a study tour to Tanzania to help teachers improve their subject understanding of Africa and Development

We are committed to continuing to develop our school link. A number of our pupils have been involved in fundraising activies and the proceeds from our non uniform day at Christmas will go to the school.