The Future of MFL

Nobody knows what will happen in the future. You may end up working abroad in France, Germany, Spain or elsewhere. You may end up working for an international company like Vodafone or Bet365. You may end up marrying somebody who isn’t British. You may just come across a foreigner in the town centre who is struggling to find the post office or want to buy some bargain items in France. Whatever happens, skills in any language may be useful.

What does learning a language say about you? If you were to have GCSE French or German on your CV, you’re employer would consider you to have :

  • perseverance and determination
  • good communication skills
  • good analytical and logical skills
  • a wider knowledge and understanding of other cultures
  • tolerance of other cultures
  • a good memory

Jobs-wise Britain is being left behind. The number of British people with good language skills is reducing and fast. This means that you could be in with more chance of finding employment if you went on to study Languages at A Level. Those people with language skills also generally find themselves earning more than those without. In Europe, a vast number of people have already worked out that to progress you need to communicate in a different language from time to time. Don’t let yourself be left out!

But just having knowledge of a language isn’t enough. Think about your options. Think about good subject combinations which you could study and take to degree level. Business Studies, Art, Music, History, Geography etc all have good links with languages. Think carefully about what direction you want to take in the future and think about whether languages really could be a part of it. Failing that just think about how exciting it is when you can understand a headline, or a road sign, or when you overhear a conversation in another language and can understand it! Think about the adrenaline rush.

If you want to find out anymore about opportunities for language learners, then just pop over to MFL and ask one of us! We’ll be happy to discuss it further.